Custom adhesive-backed laser cut privacy screens for laptops

Years ago I bought privacy screens for the company computers I was working for at the time. The reasons that I really hated them were:

  • I couldn’t stand the dirt and grime that constantly collected behind them
  • the unsightly attachment mechanisms and the fact that they kept falling off my laptop every time I closed the screen.

Eventually, I found a company that was willing to make a custom order for privacy screens and better still, they were self-adhesive which meant they couldn’t fall off, there were no ugly attachments, and they couldn’t get dirt stuck behind them.

I tried to find these guys again recently and really struggled – I kept finding garden screens and other random products on Amazon. After searching for a while I found the company again and now they even have an online shop. SO I don’t lose the link again, here they are: Protectionfilms24

The procedure to find the privacy screen for your computer, laptop or any device is pretty simple and user friendly if it is a standard size.  When you enter the website you will see the Blue box below.

When you press the arrow a list of devices will appear. Choose the device you want to add the privacy screen.

Screenshot from protectionfilms24-com selecting a privacy screen for a device

The next step is to choose the brand of your device.

Screenshot_from_protectionfilms24 com_selecting_privacy_screen_for_the_right_Brand
Screenshot from protectionfilms24 com selecting privacy screen for the right Brand

They have more than 250.000 products so we can’t show the whole list. But they have privacy screens for all manner of devices, even for cars.

When you choose the right Brand for your device, Protectionfilms24 will provide a list of devices from the specific Brand you decided.

Screenshot_from_-protectionfilms24-com_choosing_the_right_device_from_a specific_Brand
Screenshot from -protectionfilms24-com choosing the right device from a specific Brand

After these three steps a list with results will appear that include the parameters you entered.

Privacy Screens help to protect from visual hackers, thus if you work in public spaces it is a good idea to use one.

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