SolaX inverter’s Pocket WiFi using poor authentication

CVE-2023-35835, CVE-2023-35836, and CVE-2023-35837SolaX Pocket WiFi v3At time of writing believed to affect all known firmware versionsTested up to and including v3.009.03_20230504No known plans to distribute patches to existing owners of SolaX equipment These three vulnerabilities are all in relation … Continue reading

List of all HTTP Content-Type (MIME Types)

I recently needed to test which Content Types a web application was able to accept in a few different forms. This isn’t a particularly difficult task but I realised that there is no single list of content types in a … Continue reading

The security behind: Prosthetics

In the latest episode of “You Gotta Hack That,” host Felix delves into the captivating realm of smart prosthetics, shedding light on the groundbreaking fusion of technology and healthcare. Imagine prosthetic limbs that are not only functional but also connected … Continue reading