How we got our name….

Choosing the name of your child is hard. Arguably, selecting the name of your business is harder. When I was choosing the name of the company, I knew a few things. I knew I wanted it to be cool. I … Continue reading

Athom Homey Security Review | Transmits unencrypted WiFi credentials (CVE-2020-9462)

TL;DR: All Athom Homey and Athom Homey Pro devices, up to the current version (v4.2.0) transmit their initial configuration in the clear which includes your WiFi password. At the time of writing, Athom have no plans to fix this. I … Continue reading

JavaScript Event Handlers a complete list

Before we provide you with the JavaScript Event Handlers list, we should answer some questions for our non-techie friends. Questions like, What is JavaScript Event Handlers? What is an event? For those readers that know what JavaScript Event Handler is, … Continue reading